Tiebel's BratwurstBack

Hartmut and Barbara Tiebel are a big draw at the market.  Everyone raves about their Bratwurst Sauasage on a bun with Sauerkraut.  They are very rarely away from the market on Saturdays and always happy to serve their customers, because as long time members of the market, customer service matters to them.

If you would rather have your preferred topping on your Bratwurst with potatoe salad on the side, they have that too.  Have both if you like.  If you don't want to eat in they have packaged their products to take home so you can eat in at the market or take some home to share a meal.  They package Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Potatoe Salad and German Salami.  All are available to take home.  Whatever your choice, Tiebel's Bratwurst is sure to please.